Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

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        Check the below mistakes, then ask yourself,

Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

                        Obama Demonstrates His Ignorance
                     While Attempting To Appear Intelligent


In April, 2012, Barack Obama gave a speech at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Columbia. It is well-known throughout South America that Britain and Argentina fought a war over the Falkland Islands thirty years earlier in 1982. The Falkland Islands lie about 250 miles off the coast of Argentina, in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

In speaking of the disputed Falklands Islands, Obama attempted to refer to them by their Spanish name, which is “Malvinas.” But instead of using the correct term, Obama referred to the Falklands as the “Maldives,” which is an island country southwest of Sri Lanka - in the Indian Ocean. So, while attempting to dazzle his audience with his intelligence, instead he once again raised the question, Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

In response to this gaffe, Wayne H. Bowen wrote the following in the Southeast Missourian: “We have clear evidence, again, demonstrating why President Obama has held fewer news conferences than any other contemporary president. Without a teleprompter and speechwriters, Barack Obama can make listeners nostalgic for the rhetorical agility of George W. Bush.”

                     Obama Does Not Know How To Spell "Ohio"

                    Yes Forrest Gump, Stupid Is As Stupid Does!


When Barack Obama was campaigning on August 21, 2012, he joined with three young men of equal intelligence. Holding their arms in the air in the shape of various letters, they attempted to spell "OHIO." Unfortunately for the four stooges, there were no 5th graders present to assist, so they misspelled OHIO as OIHO. Yes, a picture, even a fuzzy one, is worth a thousand words. 

              Some Additional Observations

One could find dozens of examples of outright lies and broken promises by Barack Obama. One could also find a bewildering number of examples of lawlessness and unconstitutional power grabs. With little effort one could find dozens of examples of socialism and fascism advanced by Barack Obama. One could also list numerous examples where U.S. national security has been jeopardized by Barack Obama. One could also find dozens of examples (actually, 89) of outright hostility toward Bible-based Christianity. However, at this website the reader finds examples of none of the above.

Instead the reader finds more than three dozen examples of buffoonery, sloppy thinking, and empty-headed idiocy by Barack Obama, and more than one dozen examples by Joe Biden. (A list of links to more than 200 recent gaffes and blunders by Barack Obama can be found at So, the three dozen or so examples displayed on this website represent ONLY ABOUT 20 PERCENT of the documented cases wherein Barack Obama has exhibited behavior that calls into question not only his intelligence, but also his sanity!)

And of course, every American who gathers information outside the criminally complicit Leftist media knows there are dozens of examples wherein Obama has aligned himself with Marxists, Maoists, domestic communist terrorists, and international Islamo-fascists! Surrounding himself with an army of tax cheats is the least of our concerns!

Given the
gravity of the situation, this website, which may be viewed as a free 5-page e-book, was not written solely to entertain; it was written to educate! It was written to make every American aware of the clear and present danger that exists in this nation and around the world as long as Barack Obama holds the title of President of the United States of America!

                Returning To The 2008 Presidential Campaign


During the 2008 presidential campaign, the media treated John McCain like an out-of-touch old geezer for a few mistakes that he had made, such as not remembering how many houses he owned. Also, they treated Sarah Palin like an empty-headed dunce for mistakes she had not made, but were falsely attributed to her by an anonymous source.

For example, Fox News presented the unverifiable report that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country instead of a continent. The rest of the media enthusiastically ran with this unverifiable report, but ignored the documented fact that Obama stated that Europe was a country - instead of a continent. They also reported that Sarah Palin did not know what nations were involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement. Again, this was a false, unverifiable report from an anonymous source - but was eagerly embraced by the Leftist media!

In commenting on the media mistreatment of Sarah Palin in 2008, Newt Gingrich said, “I mean, this is a kind of deliberate, vicious, dishonest, total distortion of who Governor Palin is, including, by the way, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits, some of which I think were slander and were worthy of a lawsuit.”

Recently (as reported by, March 03, 2012) the Leftists at Politico falsely proclaimed that in a 2008 interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house.” However, that statement was actually made by Tina Fey as part of her endless mocking of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. In reality, when Charles Gibson (and not Katie Couric) asked Sarah Palin to comment about living so close to Russia, Governor Palin provided an appropriate response when she said, “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska…”

Most disappointing is that fact that, while Barack Obama has made numerous astonishing blunders, they have been ignored by the Leftist media that continue to deceive the voting public by falsely portraying Obama as a brilliant scholar, savvy orator, and skilled statesman! 
However, as astute Americans have observed for themselves, when teleprompters are absent, the brilliant, savvy, and skilled Barack Obama suddenly morphs into an ignorant, bungling, confused air-head!


Leading into the 2012 presidential race, we find at an article titled Top 10 Lies of HBO's "Game Change" movie, which is so laced with anti-Sarah Palin disinformation that it would make Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels blush with shame! Disappointment in this movie is magnified by the fact that Tom Hanks - who has a likeable public image - helped to produce it. Given the abundance of inexcusable factual errors in this Leftist propaganda movie, we may ask the question,
Is Tom Hanks Smarter Than Forrest Gump?

So, in 2012, four years after the 2008 presidential election, the media continue to smear Sarah Palin - while continuing to protect Barack Obama from the consequences of his endless parade of gaffes, blunders, and preposterous mistakes - mistakes that would embarrass many 5th graders!


Yes, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, and other Leftists repeatedly tell jokes disparaging the intelligence of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and other Republicans. But Leno and Maher tell no jokes about the intelligence of Barack Obama! As noted on the Home Page of this website, Jay Leno actually said there is simply no material for such jokes. And Bill Maher is so impressed with the “brilliance” of Barack Obama that he proudly donated one million dollars towards his re-election. And, Bill Maher not only mocks Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and other adult Republicans, he includes Sarah Palin's children as targets in his foul-mouthed jokes!

An honest examination of the facts reveals that Barack Obama has made more inexcusable, intellectual blunders in the last five years than George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann have made collectively in the last five decades! Most disturbing is the fact that many of the gaffes made by Barack Obama are truly mind-boggling - and sometimes downright frightening - knowing that such stupid blunders were made by the man sitting in the Oval Office of the White House! Therefore, perhaps
we should ask, Are Jay Leno & Bill Maher Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

In light of the massive amount of material that demonstrates beyond all doubt that Barack Obama is an intellectual pip-squeak when compared to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, the next time Jay Leno, Bill Maher, or some other Leftist tells a joke that falsely portrays these women as intellectually inferior, you can smugly laugh at these conniving comedians - instead of laughing with them.

And whenever Leftists talk about the so-called Republican "War on Women," remember the five-year-long Democrat smear campaign waged against Sarah Palin, a campaign based on false statements about mistakes she had never made. Add this to the endless smearing of Michelle Bachmann and other highly intelligent, competent women! If Democrats can fool you into believing it's the Republicans who are waging a "War on Women," then ask yourself this question: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?


Is Barack Obama A Threat To U.S. National Security?

U.S. National Security Is No Joke!


Consider the following a matter of U.S. national security: When clinical psychologists conduct a formal assessment of a patient, they note whether or not the individual is properly oriented in terms of “time, place, and person.” In other words, they note whether or not the individual seems confused as to who they are, where they are, and the time frame wherein they are operating. Failure to be properly oriented in any one of these three areas is considered to be a cause for serious concern. Failure to be properly oriented in all three of these areas is a cause for grave concern. 


In light of this fact we may state that, when Barack Obama the Christian, or Barry Soetoro the Muslim, states that he is in Asia when he is really in Hawaii; believes he is in Sioux City, South Dakota when he is in Sioux Falls; thinks he is in Sunshine, Florida when he is in Sunrise, Florida; believes he is in St. Louis when he is actually in Kansas City; reports that he has visited 57 states when living in a nation that has only 50 states; dates the year at 2008 when the year is actually 2011; incorrectly states the age of his daughter – twice; says his 1961 birth was inspired by an event that occurred four years later in 1965; repeatedly talks about his imaginary sons; and he further suggests that “he can see dead people;” a mental health professional would find fertile ground for documenting chronic mental confusion at best, and perhaps psychotic separation at worst!


We know for sure that, as Commander In Chief, Barack Obama has his finger on the nuclear trigger, but we do not know for sure that he has a firm grip on reality! And that is no joke! So, Obama's longstanding working relationship with domestic communist terrorists is not the only serious national security concern of observant, security-conscious American patriots!

As liberal Republican Joe Scarborough has proclaimed, several Democrat U.S. Senators have told him that, as President of the United States, Barack Obama “has no idea what he is doing!” The media often tell us that Mitt Romney is “out of touch” with regular Americans. However, this same media ignore a five-year-long  stream of well-documented buffoonery that demonstrates beyond all doubt that Barack Obama is routinely out of touch with objective reality!

After Reviewing Many Of His Mistakes, Gaffes & Stupefying Blunders As Revealed On These Pages Honestly Ask Yourself,

        Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader?


             Is He Just Another Dumb Ass Politician?


                    Is He A Clear & Present Danger
                         To U.S. National Security
                       And Your Personal Security?


When we ask, Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader, we leave other questions unanswered. Clearly, oftentimes Barack Obama appears to be living in a world that exists only inside his head. Therefore, perhaps we should ask, Is Barack Obama clean and sober? Is he rational? Is Barack Obama sane?

When combining his voluminous record of irrational thought processes (as documented here) with his long track record of pathological lying (approximately 100 Obama lies are documented at ObamaLies.Net), his chronic lawlessness (documented at Investor's Business Daily), and his lawlessness combined with irrationality (documented at National Review Online), perhaps we should ask, Is Barack Obama Criminally Insane?

We know beyond all doubt that Obama's Marxist forefathers, such as Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Nikita Khrushchev, murdered nearly 62 million unarmed men, women, and children in building and maintaining the Soviet Union. We know that Marxist Pol Pot disarmed and murdered more than one third of the population of Cambodia. We also know that Chinese Marxist Mao Zedong (also spelled Mao Tse-tung) was even deadlier. According to R. J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus at the University of Hawaii, Marxist Mao Zedong and his followers are responsible for the murder of over 76 million disarmed men, women, and children! Keep in mind the Chinese body count, like the Soviet body count, does not include battlefield casualties, nor victims of abortion.

In the Obama Administration we found, at one time or another, people like Anita Dunn, Barack Obama’s former Communications Director, who praised Mao Zedong as a philosopher to be followed.
We also found Ron Bloom, Obama’s “car czar,” who said he agreed with genocidal communist Mao Zedong that political power grows from the barrel of a gun – which explains why Marxists, including Obama, are rabid gun control fanatics. And, hanging from the Obama White House Christmas tree we found a Christmas Tree Ornament containing the image of Marxist Mao Zedong - who may be the deadliest genocidal maniac in human history!

How do we explain these political appointments? How do we explain the Christmas Tree ornament? Furthermore, how do we explain why Barack Obama has maintained a 20-plus year friendship with members of the Weather Underground, a Moscow-directed domestic communist terrorist organization that planned to exterminate 25 million Americans after gaining control over the U.S. Government?
Clearly, a snapshot of the Marxist mindset reveals a terrifying picture of what can only be described as "Marxist madness!"


If you love your country, if you love your children and your grandchildren, send a link to this website to everyone on your email list. Send it to reporters and journalists. Send it to TV talk show hosts and radio talk show hosts. Send it to pundits and bloggers. Send it to college and university students and student organizations. Send it to priests, ministers, rabbis, and Imams. Swamp the social media with the truth about Barack Obama.

We know that nearly all Republican and Independent leaders in government, the media, and the education establishment would rather lose their country than risk criticism from the Leftist/Democrat media for telling the truth about Barack Obama’s 20-plus year working relationship with homicidal, genocidal, domestic communist terrorists.

They may timidly talk about a few of the dozens of bold-faced lies told by Barack Obama over the last five years. They may faint-heartedly talk about one or two examples of lawlessness while ignoring Barack Obama’s record of chronic lawlessness. So, you can be sure they will also be too cowardly to publicly discuss Barack Obama’s documented five-year-long record of irrational, moronic, and psychotic-like verbal behavior! You and I must do it for them!



Click on the below picture of the cute little 5th grader. This will take you to Page 5 where you can explore the question, Is Joe Biden Smarter Than A 5th Grader? 


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